Born in Manhatten, NY, USA on December 10th, 1980, life for Ben Klein has been punctuated by memorable events, the most recent of which includes morphing from progressive rock influences to a new age sound of trance and electronic based music. Now Ben is on to the blues as he has discovered the talent of John Mayer.


Ben has been a music lover ever since he picked up the guitar at age 9. At first Ben spent his time as a guitarist trying to emulate the sweet sounds of the sultans of swing. Ben found the mystic rhythms of Rush and began his musical career in sharing passion and great sound with the masses.


Ben’s unique approach to music has stemmed from over a decade of demanding and diverse musical and production pursuits and projects, founding the Klein's Music Recording studio at the young age of 21. From performing live, to production, engineering and mixing of numerous albums, Ben’s resume now includes collaboration on the music video "Shabbat Light" with Shabbat.com and many more..


Confident yet amazingly down to earth, Ben’s goal remains to make great music, put a smile on people’s faces, and show his diversity as an artist. Ben is well on his way to achieving these goals, and it is just the beginning!

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