State-of-the-Art Equipment

The Studio is comprised of a vast array of hardware and software. Our focus has always been on software, as the world of music production moves in that direction faster every day.

Most large format Studios today still have tons and tons of expensive outboard gear, but most of it is collecting dust. The gap between analogue audio and digital audio is almost gone entirely, and the conveninece of software in the musical workflow has been a game changer in the overall production process.


The Studio is always a relaxed working environment, and all creative ideas are always welcomed into the process.



A Relaxed Studio Environment

Professional Condenser Microphones

Great Guitar Gear





Universal Audio Apollo Audio Interface

Apple Computer

Fractal Audio AX8 Guitar Processor

Yamaha HS-80 Studio Monitors

M Audio Midi Controller

IBANEZ AT10 Electric Guitar

Yamaha NS-9 Nylon acoustic Guitar

Music Man JP6 Electric 6 string Guitar

Electric Bass Guitar

Kramer Pacer Electric Guitar




Logic Pro X

SPL Effects

Native Instruments Suite

Universal Audio DSP Plugin Suite

Lexicon Reverbs



Akoustic Piano


and much more...



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